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RIP EunB and RiSe by HomuraAkemi2 RIP EunB and RiSe :iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 2 2
Love Is War Final Chapter

Hi guys *waves* now welcoming to the last chapter of Love Is War hope you guys like it bye bye enjoy! I DO NOT OWN VOCALOID
After Miku Hatsune's death the black diamonds were not the same as before "Len forget about Miku she's gone already!"Neru yelled Neru is now the leader of the black diamonds she was the next in line to rule the group "No Way Neru you Cost us pain and suffer and also you killed Miku!!"I yelled "I did not kill Miku!Hmph you must be joking why would Moí do such a thing it's just gets my pretty hands dirty."she said "That nerve on that women!"I thought "You know what Neru you will never...EVER.take Miku's place in this world she is the one and only in here."I yelled wanting to get rid off Neru for good!"Look she's now trash,dead you got it Len now forget Miku and love me instead."she said jealousy in her voice "no...get ou
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 2 6
Midnight Chapter 3(Part 3.)
-Three Minutes-
"That little..."Minzy cursed and looked around and transformed and went into the depths of the woods "Minzy don't forget to bring (y/n) here."slender reminded as Minzy stopped and sighed in annoyance "fine."Minzy said and transformed and walked out of the woods in annoyance to their dorms.
-At the dorms-
Minzy walked in and looked at her friend (y/n) who was sleeping peacefully "ya,(y/n) il-eona(Wake Up)."Minzy whispered as (y/n) groaned and turn over pulling the covers up more "what?.."(y/n) said groggily and looked at Minzy with tired eyes (y/n) scoffed and groaned "I have to take you somewhere."Minzy said and pulled off the covers roughly from her friend and dragged her off and onto the cold floor 
-Minzy's P.O.V-
"YA!!!!JUNG MEI MINJI YOU PABO!!!"she/he yelled at me though no emotion came on. (y/n) sighed and got up it was 1:00AM in the morning I had to get her up because of Jeff and the others who kept spamming me with warnings I sighed typical of
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Midnight ToByxReader CreepyPasta Chapter 2
-Reader POV-
-three months later-
Class was back to it's boring self again I was starting to sit down when the teacher came in it was the beginning of the class we were all tried when day came "okay class that's enough today we have a new student please respect him okay and that means you minzy."mrs. Summers said as Minzy gave her a tired death glare everybody froze  knowing that glare pretty well "anyways come out please new student."she called as the door opened reviling someone familiar that I've seen before "Your name son?"she said as everybody waited "My name's ToBy nice to meet you."he said and bowed "okay you're seat is in the middle between Minzy and (y/n) the two raise your hands."she instructed Minzy grumbled and rose her hand lazily not caring about the person he walked towards us and sat in the middle "hello my names (y/n) nice to meet you."I said he nodded "and she's—"I started introducing Minzy but was stopped "Minzy Asakura or Jung Mei Minj
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 1 1
SHINee Taemin Lucifer Concept drawing by HomuraAkemi2 SHINee Taemin Lucifer Concept drawing :iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 3 0
Mission Set(Chapter 4) Cold Dark Princess
After sleeping without regrets I woke up early which is totally normal for me I went out of the tent I slept in and well walked out when I got outside I saw one of the twins looking at the night sky we locked eyes "oh hello."Alexander said and returned to looking at the sky "your early today."I said and took a seat next to him not bother looking at him "well you know what they say early bird gets the worm."he says and turns his head towards me "you're really pretty..sorry for mistaking you as Sandara."he said "It's okay."I said and sighed "where are you from?"he asked "from Felix's hell."I said lying to him "your from Sandara's father kingdom what position are you in?"he asked again "1st powerful pawn."I said truthfully "wow your that strong dang!...also why do you always carry that sword with you."he asks (bad choice dude.) I looked at him "it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend."I said Alexander gave me this sword before I left."cool."he said "you know I'm starting to like you Asur
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Cold Dark Princess Chapter 3(The Mission)
We were waiting for the bodyguards to come I sighed "Alexander where do your think Minzy Sandara Asakura is anyways?"my twin asked "who knows all I know is that I miss her so much."I said and sighed again "Alex,Alexander the bodyguards are here!"our mother crystal yelled we ran downstairs to the large living room "oh hello you must be the bodyguards."I said and bowed Alex did the same as me when I came up I saw a look the exact alike of Minzy "uh excuse me miss but you seem way familiar too Minzy Asakura."I said she looked at me "no I'm not Sandara Asakura I had never heard of her before."she said coldly "hm...she's hiding something "i thought and she's the exact age of Minzy "uh...just to ask where are you guys going to go so we could take you there."the guy with weird but cool green hair said "to the south country."I said I still kept looking at the girl.she locked eyes with me but it's different from the other countries princesses her look was cold,dead and not alive.
I saw the prin
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Cold Dark Princess chapter 2
We knocked at the door of the twins "why aren't they answering?"I asked to myself and Styry "who knows Dantalion is with William and right now the only person"he said and gulped "we should get out of here Camio." He said and just right when we were about to leave the door open and we saw Minzy blankly staring at us "yes?"she asked wanting to know why the hell we were here "uh good evening Minzy I was wondering is your twin here?"Styry asked but stepped back and put me as his shield. "Yes,he's here why would you want to see him?"she asked with a fake smile "oh great this is not going to turn out good isn't it?"I thought to myself "Minzy who's at the door?"a voice yelled I knew it was Dantalion because heck even I don't know about it. "It's you dumb friends."she said Styry has a crush on Minzy Styry was blushing like a pale pink rose with the slightest bit of red in them "oh then let them in and also their not dumb!!"Dantalion yelled I heard him running down the stairs and to
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Cold Dark Princess(Chapter 1)
Chapter 1:Meeting the Cold Pawn of Hell (Part 1)
What would Happen if Minzy has a mission to assassinate a person but that person is connected to Minzy would the mission succeed or will it lead to a disaster? Find out in The Cold Dark Princess
The cruel princess who Is known all through hell and heaven fear her and doesn't want to cross her path she's the highest rank in the demon society she is also satan's pawn more exactly satan's powerful pawn and there's nothing that can stop her we watch her from the distance.her cold red eyes that were stained in darkness that can never let you escape,her black long hair glistening in the darkness,her walk is somehow proper of how a lady should walk,like the way she speaks is a slight bit of a British accent mixed with Japanese and Korean,but she has never been partnered with other demons because she was the special one,th
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Soul and Maka 4
I fished out my phone and texted Tsubaki and the rest of the crew "Guys Maka Has a curse put on her!!" A few seconds later Liz and Patty replied "Oh My Really! We have to help her!" Then Tsubaki replied "I was researching the witch and it say here that the only way to help the person who was hit by the witch is to kill the witch himself/herself." i replied back to her and Liz And Patty "also I noticed that Maka has the strange design under her eyes like a strange thing that resembled something." I waited for them to reply back I looked at Maka "there's something strange going on here."I thought Kid texted me back "Dude I think I know what kind of witch it is!" "Which Witch is it?"I asked him and got a reply from Tsubaki "Does it look like this?"she asked and a picture also came along with it "it looks like it the second picture on the first row is the design she has."I said "Bingo! now I will be there in a few minutes with Kid,Liz,Patty,Crona,Stein and of course Black Star."she
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
(Soul Eater)Soul and Maka 3
After school was finally done I went to the flower shop to buy Maka flowers hey she's my girlfriend and I really love her okay cool guys do that to their girlfriends to buy them flowers.
I got a call from her stupid father Spirit,"HEY YOU LITTLE PUNK WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY MAKA!!"he yelled I turned down the volume a bit down,"hey Spirit talk a bit lower because...YOU'RE GOING TO HURT MY FUCKIN' EARS!!!"I yelled at him through the phone "Such a disgrace my Daughter chose you instead of Kid."he stated in my mind right now I wanted to kill him with a Death Note(anyone get the joke?) "look listen Spirit Just becuase Maka chose me instead of someone-else because I will protect her no matter what and right now I'm trying to save her!"I yelled at her dumbass father "Do whatever you want soul eater Evans but mark my words if you hurt my daughter in any way shape or form I will KILL you got it?"he threatened I wasn't scared at that bastard "whatever."I said and hung up "man Spirit you get
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
SoulxMaka(need New Title inspiration T^T)
Hi there guys anyways we all hope you liked this chapter please tell us what you think of it we also do appreciate any kind of improvement we'll see you at the next chapter bye!
Also I DO NOT OWN Soul Eater!...Bye!
Where did Maka went? "Blair do you know where Maka went?"I asked the purple haired big chested woman "nope I don't know where she is but what I do know that her soul wave is very faint from her."she said I stood up in shock "you mean she went somewhere without me!?"I asked scared of what's going to happen to her my partner my only thing that has kept me from killing myself. "Who knows she might be in Kid's house but she didn't wanted to tell you."Blair said I got up to the house phone and I called Kid,Patty and rang a few times "Come on Fuck Pick up already!!!"I cursed that when they finally answered "Hello this is Patty who's this?" Patty answered the phone "Patty is Maka with you guys?"I questioned her "wait here I will ask Kid I'll be back in few seconds."sh
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Your Gaurdian Angel(SoMa Soul Eater)
"Maka what's wrong this isn't like you!"he yelled everyday Maka has been ignoring the food and everybody "nothing's wrong soul!"She yelled everyday she has to watch soul and some girl together in the sidelongs she was ignored "YOU'RE WRONG SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!"he yelled back at her it was a Sunday Morning "HOW WOULD YOU KNOW SOUL YOU NEVER CARED FOR ME EXECPT THE WHOLE 'She's my Miester' ACT!!!"she yelled tears running down "YOU KNOW WHAT I WISHED I NEVER BEEN YOUR PARTNER IT WAS A BAD CHOICE OF MY LIFE!"he yelled bad move that stung Maka really bad "YOU KNOW WHAT IM LEAVING TRY FIND ANOTHER PARTNER SOUL!!"she yelled and ran out of the house while she was drying her non stop tears "Maka..."he said softly and looked towards the open door "you know soul you made a bad choice Maka really loves you but now I guess it's to late to say it."Blair said with a sad look Soul was shocked not knowing Maka loved him "Maka!"he called and ran outside to look for her "Must find her before it's to lat
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 0 0
Cream Lee Peeking by HomuraAkemi2 Cream Lee Peeking :iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 3 2 Cream Lee by HomuraAkemi2 Cream Lee :iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 3 9
Midnight(ToByxReader CreepyPasta) Fanfic Part. 1

"(Y/N)!!!"a voice cried out (Y/N) turned around her/his (e/c) eyes confused and curious it was her/his best friend since kindergarden Minzy Asakura "what is it Minzy?"(y/n) asked looking at the black haired red eyed girl "I dare you to go into the creepy and scary Slender Woods for two days think you can challenged that?"Minzy asked with a evil grin on her face (y/n) shrugged "sure it's just the woods right not to scary about that."(y/n) said not scared of it "you see let's say I have friends over there and—well nevermind on to the woods!!"Minzy cheered and linked arms with (y/n) and walked to the forest in silence
-at the slender forest-
"Okay we're here You will have a flashlight and your phone that's all bye have fun~!"Minzy said and left "okay that girl is weird as hell..oh wait she is from hell."(y/n) thought shaking (his/her) head "okay now to start the challenge..."(y/n) said (he/she) was shaking from the cold and not knowing what
:iconhomuraakemi2:HomuraAkemi2 1 80
Ok this is where you could look at our artwork please don't be mean we worked hard!


VIXX - HongBin and Leo by nakuchan9095 VIXX - HongBin and Leo :iconnakuchan9095:nakuchan9095 35 6 Grelulululululu by LALASOSU2 Grelulululululu :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 148 9 Bread Noir by LALASOSU2 Bread Noir :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 76 1 Chat Noir by LALASOSU2 Chat Noir :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 64 2 Bonjour ma dame! -  Chat Noir by LALASOSU2 Bonjour ma dame! - Chat Noir :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 64 5 Chat Noir sketch by LALASOSU2 Chat Noir sketch :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 121 5 ChatNoir by LALASOSU2 ChatNoir :iconlalasosu2:LALASOSU2 65 9 MMD Headphones by LazzXion-Keyblade MMD Headphones :iconlazzxion-keyblade:LazzXion-Keyblade 616 108 It is not so easy by AriaMikuKanzaki It is not so easy :iconariamikukanzaki:AriaMikuKanzaki 66 7 ////aaa by ApRiLmayu ////aaa :iconaprilmayu:ApRiLmayu 257 25 Observing by AriaMikuKanzaki Observing :iconariamikukanzaki:AriaMikuKanzaki 113 5 Haruno sisters {The last movie} by Rarity-Princess Haruno sisters {The last movie} :iconrarity-princess:Rarity-Princess 196 0 Doujinshi SasuSaku dj - Again (colorful Sakura) by SakuraTetis-21 Doujinshi SasuSaku dj - Again (colorful Sakura) :iconsakuratetis-21:SakuraTetis-21 13 2 Sasusaku The reason Chapter 1 by JoshSasuke Sasusaku The reason Chapter 1 :iconjoshsasuke:JoshSasuke 8 0 Sasusaku the reason chapter 2 by JoshSasuke Sasusaku the reason chapter 2 :iconjoshsasuke:JoshSasuke 10 10 sasusaku the reason chapter 3 by JoshSasuke sasusaku the reason chapter 3 :iconjoshsasuke:JoshSasuke 5 0


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I Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsss SNSD by anna06i I Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsss I Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsss Slender man dancing gangnam style by Klayfrog Slender man dancing gangnam style by Klayfrog Slender man dancing gangnam style by Klayfrog

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I hash made a deviant art account and I would like if you followed it I will upload some fan arts I made when I am not here. also we would like to know how our friends are doing and what they have been up too since we were gone. Marsthepanda <-- My 2nd Account

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