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Ok this is where you could look at our artwork please don't be mean we worked hard!



Bassy~! by SarahBefish2013

Oh my god As much as I love grell he's excuse me for my word so bloody hell hilarious The best shindigs I there has ever been!! I love ...

Checkmate ~ Edited by thegrudgegirl96

Oh My God beautiful artwork I wish I could draw like you sadly can't ahem....anyways love sabastion words that I can say "GOOD JOB! YOU...

Sukeban Homu by Klai-Don

This is a beautiful artwork I must say everything came out perfectly the eyes the hands wow perfect I should say myself I love this art...


:iconmikuxlen: :iconayla-shiyou-fc: :iconkrrw-inds:

I just had an email, and I'm raging!

SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) are back in action, with the goal of shutting down sites that have fan fictions, fan role plays, and fan art, including deviant art, YouTube, and possibly AFF.

They claim the sites are breaking copyright law, however this isn't 100% true! As someone who works in media, I know that it's illegal to sell copyrighted material that is claimed as your own. For example; if I was to take SHINee's song, put my own words in and sell it, then it's illegal as the backing track is still SM property. However, no one here is selling ideas, just sharing.

Sure, I had an idea that a few of my own stories could be made into live series, but I only own the plot idea, not the characters, therefore it's not breaking any laws.

The biggest issue I have is with YouTube, where many companies use it to advertise their products, songs, films, etc. so banning it will cause millions of companies to lose that advertising option. Let's admit it, the reason we are here is because we saw kpop on YouTube! The site is really good at managing copyrighted materials, so why does another company (who has been banned a few times apparently) need to step in for them? Answer: THEY DON'T!

Now about the asian fan fictions, the companies don't care about them! The artists know, and may even read some! SM even knows about them; it was a story plot  with a YunJae fic in TVXQ's short drama "Dangerous Love". If it bothered the companies, it would have been banned over 10 years ago!

Petitions are going around to stop it, but I doubt that they will get the court's vote. It's stupid, everyone is aware of copyright, and all they want to do is make a fuss to get publicity.

Sign to save the sites!…


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HomuraAkemi2 or Lily and Tiffany
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South Korea


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I Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsssSNSD by anna06iI Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsssI Am The Best Kind, BIGBANG And 2NE1 by blake4monthsssSlender man dancing gangnam style by KlayfrogSlender man dancing gangnam style by KlayfrogSlender man dancing gangnam style by Klayfrog
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Anneyeong~! I'm Tiffany
Konichiwa~ Im Lily we are HomuraAkemi2 we love Anime,K-Pop,Yaoi little bit of Yuri but whatever anyways if you have a problem like if you hate some stuff we like then deal with it or go to the back button yes it excists for a reason anyways hope you liek your stay here anyways if you have questions on here don't be afraid to ask one of us or both well bye bye!:iconbaibaiplz:
SHINee animated banner by NANAKiryuSHINee Addicted by NANAKiryu<-hot amazing guys.
I'm a SHINee Lover(or known as a shaowl) so yeah say anything about them mean or stupid then well....OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!!(Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Line anyone?)2ne1 AON stamp by AnaInTheStars I'm also a hardcore BlackJack who's #1 girl group is 2NE1 and who beated SNSD by their music style.VIXX - Leo shy smile by nakuchan9095<-officially my bias wrecker and bias in VIXX isn't he adorable?~<3

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